10 Ways to Pamper Yourself Without Leaving the House

Making time for acts of self-care is essential to your wellness. But when we think of self-care, we often think about big elaborate indulgences like spa days, vacations, time off, and massages.

And while nothing compares to a day at the spa, it’s equally (if not more) important to incorporate self-care into your everyday routine. 

In the spirit of indulging and practicing self-care, here are 10 ways you can pamper yourself without ever leaving the house.

Take an extra-long and steamy bath or shower

As something we do every day, t’s easy for bathing to take on a feeling of routine and necessity. But every time you step into the bath, it’s an opportunity to unwind and relax. Next time you shower, carve out a little extra time for yourself. Turn on some music and get the bathroom extra steamy.

Scrub the tension away

Did you know your skin cells shed every 30 days to make space for new skin cells? Rejuvenate your skin and maximize your time in the bath or shower by treating yourself to a body scrub. Our Antioxidant Body Scrub is the perfect pampering solution for any skin type. Alpha Hydroxy Acids encourage cell regeneration for the ultimate skin rejuvenation. Walnuts exfoliate and brighten, while aloe leaf juice and organic jojoba oil nourish and moisturize your skin. 

To apply our scrubs, start with wet skin and massage into the skin in gentle circles. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry. 

Cook something savory

Nothing says “indulgence” like an extra tasty home-cooked meal. Not only is cooking a great way to explore your creative side, but it's also a relaxing activity that can be enjoyed alone or with your friends or family. Find a recipe that makes your mouth water, put on some soothing or upbeat music, and make an evening out of it! 

Set the scene

If indulgence is a state of mind, then you’ll want to get all of your senses involved. Invest in an essential oil diffuser, light some candles, wash your towels and bedsheets, play some calming music, and turn the lights low. If you’re planning a spa night at home, this is an essential first step to ensuring maximum relaxation! 

Start with a steam

If you’re gearing up for spa night, make sure to steam before you begin pampering your skin. Steaming opens your pores which allows the ingredients of your various body and skincare products to work their magic more effectively. For a quick facial steam, boil some water and add essential oils. Pour the water into a sturdy bowl, hover your face over the water (but far enough away to be safe), and cover your head and the bowl with a large towel. 

Embrace face masks

No, we’re not talking about those masks! After your steam, your skin will be primed and ready for nourishment! Apply your favorite face mask, and enjoy a nice cup of tea or read a magazine while the mask works its magic. Wash it off and follow with the next step in your skincare routine. 

Don’t neglect your eyes!

Your eyes are working for you constantly, which is why they tend to be where we first see signs of aging, fatigue, and stress. Pamper yourself and give your eyes the extra dose of love they need with an eye mask. Just like face masks and body polishes, there is a huge variety of products to choose from. Pick the one that's right for you and close your eyes for a relaxing little nap. You’ll wake up looking and feeling refreshed!


As we move into warmer temperatures, it can be easy to confuse sweaty skin with moisturized skin. Like your body, your skin needs to stay hydrated to look and feel luxurious. After you’ve exfoliated or used a body polish, spend some extra time nourishing your skin with your favorite moisturizer. 

Give yourself a manicure

Pampering yourself is all in the details. What better way to feel polished, luxurious, and relaxed than a DIY manicure? If you’re not a fan of polish, a simple cuticle trim and nail shaping is just as rewarding. 

Read a good book

When you’re finished pampering yourself with home spa treatments, curl up on the couch in your coziest pajamas with a good book. Enjoy a moment of quiet relaxation and feel like a million bucks in the comfort of your own home. 

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